Level 3 Investor Plan: N10m – N50m




Invest in Nigeria’s Most Innovative Real Estate & Housing Development Project and earn up to 150% Investment returns in 12months, enjoy 3months or 4 month withdrawals of Returns, your funds goes into our most unique and Innovative Housing and Modular units development in our Various Estates as well as Modular units deliveries, we build within weeks , we buy develop and resell, and you the Investor earn back returns from profit made

Be it a School teacher, Lecturer, Farmer, Doctor, Artisan, Engineer, Mechanic, Trader, an Entrepreneur and much more, this is the best opportunity for you to earn big in Real Estate & Housing Investments with almost 75% RETURNS available in next 4-12 months Investment and development cycle.


*Up to 150% Returns On Investment For 1 Year Fixed
*Assured Investment Capital, funds are Channeled into scaling of current production
*We always pay our Investor their due ROI on the Platform
*Access to our Real Estate Banking App, do more with your funds without limitations
*Personal Investment Manager to help you handle any challenge or need you might have
*5% Referral Benefits, e.g refer an Investment of N1m, get 50k instantly without headache
*Offering of one of the best Real Estate & Investments Returns Rates in Nigeria ATM

INVESTMENT AMOUNT RANGE: N10m-N50m(3-12Months Cycle)

3 MONTH WITHDRAWALS: 35% Returns On Investment x4

4 MONTH WITHDRAWALS: 47.5% Returns On Investment x3

6 MONTH WITHDRAWALS: 72.5% Returns On Investment x2

12 MONTH WITHDRAWALS: 150% Returns On Investment x1

RETURNS TO UNIT/PRODUCTS: If you do an Investment With us and wish to turn your ROI + Capital into Housing unit Ownership or Purcahse of our Modular Housing Prodcuts, we make that easy for you, just discuss your plans with your Investment Manager and your poperty need will be attended to.

Leverage on our Over N10Billion estimated worth of Classic Housing and Modular Housing deliveris in next 1-4years, earn huge returns, we are building Automated Housing Units in our Smart City Project at the most affordable price ever in Nigeria and West Africa as a Whole as well as Opening other new Estate projects across the Country beyond our current locations. 

Instead of Your Money lying fallow doing nothing in a bank, why not put it into a fast growing Estate Project, be part of our Investment Group, get assigned to an Investment Manager and get the best Investment Returns for every deposit you make. Invest today, build your wealth with integrity. Invest now, make a deposit of between 50k-N50m and make huge gains on your Investments.

With over 26 more Towns and Cities to be launched soon…Abuja, Aba, Port-Harcourt, Calabar, Owerri, Jos,  Akwa-Ibom, Ibadan, Oshogbo, Ilesha, Abeokuta, Ijebu-Ode, Kaduna, Kano, and more.

If You Are Ready To Invest, Register Your Profile On Our Portal or Fill The Form Below Or Call/Whatsapp For Our Smart Investors Group Form. Thank you!

Investing In Real Estate is the most secured Investment you could ever do because the funds goes into something that continues to Appreciate from day to day, months to months and years to years.



Pls Note: All our Investor Profiles Are Private On Our Investment Portal, only accessed by the Management of the Company, create a profile, choose your interested plan, make your Investment Deposit and watch your Investment Massively Grow on a Weekly basis!

Register Your Investment Profile Today, Build Wealth As Each Day Passes


Current Place Of Residence

Note: 50k Min, N2.5m Max
Date Of Your Investment Deposit/Returns Starts Counting From This Date

Do you have any important questions or comments, Do Ask Pls and We'll surely send you a respone and you can likewise check our support staff lines and get needed clarifications ASAP, thank you!

AC. NO.: 2035306441

AC. NO.: 5600406534

AC. NO.: 1300480730

Want to Invest but need help, call any of our Investment Managers now, they will guide you through the whole process
1. Click the ‘invest now’ button and follow all instruction afterwards and our staff will do the rest or visit
2. Call Any of our Investment Managers contacts below, they’ll handle the rest for you
Call: *+2348140711581 call/whatsapp, +2349038818298 call/whatsapp, 
3. Visit us at Cardinal House, 3 Ijaiye d. Ogba, Opp. Mobil Filling Station, Ikeja, Lagos. Thank you.

1. How do I know more about the Project and the Investment Firm
Ans. SMART HOMES PROJECTS AND INVESTMENTS LIMITED is a Real Estate and Investment Firm Registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission as a Limited Liability Company with RC Number 1483472 while our Smart City Project, OCTAGON SMART CITY is a Registered Trademark under the Federal Ministry Of Trade And Investment, Commercial Law Department, Industrial Property And Office Registry with Registration Num. NG/TM/O/2018/131145, under class specification 36

You can likewise download our brochure via this link below and read, you will be able to come to touch with more aspect of our Company, our investment projects and what we stand for, thank you.

2 How long is an Investment Cycle and what is the duration
Ans: An Investment Cycle for this plan is 6months stretch and currently ending by December 2020,  thank you.

3.After each Investment Cycle, how many cycle can my funds go for
Ans: Currently 2 max, and that would be every 6 months repeated twice making 6 months total, thank you.

4. When or at what stage Can I withdraw my first interest installment for my Deposit?
Ans: It’s based on your chosen plan, however if you wish to withdraw both Principal and Interest together that would be at 12weeks duration, thank you.

5. How or what are the steps to take to effect my first interest withdrawal
Ans: Anytime you want to do a withdrawal as at when your Investment is due, just log into your Investment profile and make a withdrawal request under your profile or call the Investment Manager assigned to you and make a formal request either Via text or whastapp, you can also send a Withdrawal email request to Investment@octagon.africa, based on your Deposit with us and Interest due your account will be credited accordingly, thank you.

6. Can I increase my investment amount along the line e.g I have only 500k now but I want to increase it to maybe N1m in next few weeks

Yes, we call it ‘TOP UP’ investment, if both payment is done within 3 weeks period it will be added to your current Investment plan and cycle, but any additional payment to your current plan after a 3 week period will be placed under a different time and Investment cycle, that’s all

7. And Can I register for several Investment Plans and Different Investment Cycles on one account e.g One Investment Plan of N5m and another Investment Plan of N10m e.t.c

Yes, it’s allowed but not more than 4 plans is allowed under the same Individuals or Company, whatever your Investment plans her, share with any of our Investment Manager, they will guide you through the process, thank you..

8. So what if the Coy takes in more investment funds than possible delivery, won’t it affect returns rate.
Ans: At any point in time the management of Smart Homes Projects And Investments Limited alongside it’s Partners notice the amount of Investor funds is outweighing the request we can serve we will shut out acceptance of new Investor funds on this Platform as well as notify all our investors referrals too, we are simply committed to protecting the Investment and returns of those on our Platform at every given point in time, you can be rest assured of that, thank you.

9. Is there a money back guarantee/capital request, for example if after a while I feel I need my funds for something important can I easily get it back and would the Installment weekly interest still apply in the payback.
Ans: Yes, there is money back guarantee/Capital request but you must give the management a 2 week notice, however in a Money back Guarantee all interest accrued by time of making the request is not applied except the Investment cycle had reached our 6week Cash out Policy, at 6 weeks stage all interest would be applied to any Money Back request. Thank you.

10. As regards this Real Estate Project & Modular Venture, how really possible is it for the firm to start having turnover in just few weeks and months as you describe especially when you have to first complete structures before you can sell or lease them.
Ans. Good question, our property developments is based on 2 Innovative model of Construction, PORTATECTURE,  use of Steel Framing alongside shipping Containers for house construction and secondly Cast-In-Place Concrete(use of concrete cast for entire building, no cement blocks)for building construction. PORTATECTURE which is our major development method usually takes 2-3weeks to completing the entire structural of a Duplex building, Steel structural and PORTATECTURE development are lighting fast, structural can be achieved in a week and finishing done in next 1-2 weeks or more depending on class of delivery, hence in just 4-6 weeks an interested client can already buy and take ownership of their house be it a bungalow, Duplex or blocks of flats, this is where You the Investor gains, unlike block development whereby structural alone can take up to 2 months in some instances, with this innovative building methods we are able to achieve Livable houses within weeks, hence our 2 and 3 month investment cycles are more than feasible for all our Investors even all factors considered, thank you.

11. But what about if after Construction of this structures clients don’t have enough to buy the built houses, what happens
Ans. This is a Real Estate firm with over 1,000 unit requests since we started marketing over a year ago, we currently have subscribers and more than enough unit request than our  current land space can cater for hence the reason for building an Investor Platform so that we can satisfy the thirst and yearnings for ready made building by Property Interests, and moreso we are in Partnership with Mortgage firms through which clients can pay just 20-30% of any property price and the Mortgage firm balances rest for them while they pay back the Mortgage firms over the next few years, ours is to have fully developed units, with as little as 200k downpayment you can start house ownership in our Estate with flat Mini-Flat Units starting at N1.25m, we are making a housing Revolution in the economic hub of Africa and we’d like you join in too.

12. I’m skeptical and very scared of some factors, economic, developmental e.t.c as regards  Investment, whats your opinion
Ans: If you are not sure of an Investment it does not in anyway determine the success or failure of that Investment, peoples feelings don’t determine which Investment will succeed or fail but rather facts and figures, that’s the best advice you can get, the reality is ‘I think’ or ‘I feel’ does not suffice in Real Estate Investment,

No matter the feelings or fear of any Investor it will not stop property people from buying, leasing of Properties, the housing/shelter needs of  humans will never cease, it is a continuum,

Shelter/housing/properties will always remain the top priority of every living being on earth, it’s a persistent and stable need of mankind that will never be exhausted.

Request to own lands, houses, living quarters for lease will never ever be exhausted, it is an unending need on earth, except the world runs out of humans, Property needs are ever increasing and even the much talked about Nigeria & Africa’s housing deficit will take decades to be served even with the development of thousands of housing units per day, Real Estate Investment is an ever sure Investment, thank you. 

13. Can I delay my Initial Investment Principal for another round of Investment, that is instead of withdrawing my capital I will reinvest it.
Ans. Yes, absolutely, we have Investment seasons here and each cycle is 2 months, that is for a particular period we have requests and project aims and we push Investor Packages based on our aims and objectives, but for every new Investor you have the Opportunity of recycling your Investment 3 times at same percentage interest, as long as Property requests and lease do not expire in Nigeria, we will continue to have Investor plans and great returns for you, thank you

14. How will I be able to see ongoing projects as an Investor, despite not been part of the ground team
Ans. Good question, after your subscription you will be given an Investor Profile on this platform and under your profile you will have an Update button/link where you will be updated weekly on site developments by our Engineers, you will likewise be added into our whatsapp Investor group wherein you will be updated on a weekly basis on the activities going on in our various sites, you will never be kept in the dark for any reason, our Engineers will keep you updated with daily, weekly and Monthly developments. Thank you

15. Can I switch Investment Plans At Any Stage Of Any Current Investment
Ans. Yes, if you feel at some point in your current Investment subscription that you see a much better plan than the one you subscribed for and would like the Coy to change your subscribed plan, just send us a mail or contact our support line and we will work out a new date/time difference for your next Investment Returns

16. Can I refer a Co-Investor To This Investment Platform, Would I Have  A Reward
Ans. Yes, sure you can refer a co-investor to any of our Investment platforms and you will be rewarded with 5% commission for this plan while you gain what we call investment points where by for each co-investor you refer you get 1 point and when you refer 5-10 you get a 5 star, every 5 star Investor gets a 100-500k/$1,330 reward for their support of our platform and project. So even as a referral, you benefit so much back for your efforts.

17. What steps would I take to register and own my Investor profile for those of us that don’t find it easy registering a profile online
Ans: Put a call thorugh or send a wahstapp message to +2348140711581, afterwards you’ll get our Investment Form/MOU  doc for your chosen Investment plan, you get it printed from your end, append your signature and forward it back to us at investment@octagon.africa, afterwards you make payment. We forward your payment receipt to you and you are fully subscribed to our Investment plan while you can follow up on your payment plans returns by constantly checking on your Profile or putting a call/email through to your assigned INVESTOR MANAGER, thank you.

18. Been a Real Estate project, I hope the buildings you will be developing both Residential and Commercial are safe for developments and well Documented.
Ans: As a Registered Corporate firm anything we do here tow the part of professionalism and proper documentation, we can categorically state that all our land acquisitions and land partnerships are all well documented and we have valid Deeds and Contract of Sale Docs to the effect, there is no Government or Omo-Onile ecumberance on any of our Company acquisitons and Partners site, we have a Solid Team of Surveyors and Property Realtors who do the needful on any acquisitions we are making, all our Properties are properly acquired and well documented and fit for any kind of Project we deem fit in a particular location, thank you.

19. As an Investor can we also purchase buildings that you guys develop especially since you have some of the most affordable housing plans in Nigeria for a project of this magnitude
Ans: Absolutely yes, if you want to purchase any of the property we are marketing off-plan just go to www.octagon.africa, check through our Property Locations and listings then use your INVESTOR I.D while making your request, with the Power of steel Development we will be offering Smart Automated homes at some of the most affordable prices ever in Nigeria with, our focus is not affordability however, but delivery of Beautiful  Smart/Automated Housing for people of all walks of life, that remains our goal, thank you.

20. I want to make payment, what financial institutions associated with your Project can I make the deposit into.

Acct. No. : 5600406534
For Our International Based Investors, you can pay into our FIDELITY BANK Dorm Account with No.
Acct. No.:  5250167379

AC. NO.: 2035306441

AC. NO.: 1300480730

Pls always forward your Acct name and number to +23481440711581 either via whatsapp/text before or after making payment for confirmations should incase bank notifications fail, thank you.

Pls If you don’t mind, before I finally commit my funds I Have more questions/clarifications to make after this exhaustive FAQ and Terms, how do I make some final enquiry, thank you.
You’re welcome, For any major technical, transaction or management specific enquiry, pls Call/whatsapp +2348140711581 and make your request officially, you will be given defined and concrete responses based on your request. Thank you.


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